Why Us

Founded in 2007, Axxera has been developing products, solutions and services for IT & Cyber security industry.

We have vast experience and knowledge in digital forensics space. Strong reseller and partnership with digital forensic leaders like Guidance, Access Data, Nuix, Magnet, MSAB, Oxygen, Blackbag etc helped in creating custom integrations with Axxera 4N6 product.

Having past performance with US state dept, US Marine corps, Army national guard, Department of state INL in providing forensic products and services helped us understand the existing challenges and gaps in digital forensics.

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Multi Vendor Integration

Axxera 4N6 has built in connectors/API that integrate with Digital forensic tools to seamlessly synchronize and retrieve case management and forensic investigation details. Any new and upcoming forensic product can be easily integrated with our 4N6 tool.

Forensics Case Management

The Axxera 4N6 manages digital forensic cases and investigations. 4N6 tool users will be able to manage their cases in a single, unified platform that easily captures and tracks cases, reports and findings with its automated case workflow management.

Centralization of Forensic Data

Axxera 4N6 provides a solid foundation for Enterprise Digital forensic management by providing a centralized user interface that offers role-based access. The tool provides a global view to access real-time analysis, case management and reporting.

Data at Rest Encryption

All the evidence data and files stored will be completely encrypted by our proven DATA at REST technology. The encryption technology Powered by SPx™ (SecureParser® extended) meet all regulatory compliance.

Forensic Tools Licensing and Asset Management

Axxera FCIM built-in Software and tools asset management acts like a CMDB for all the forensic tools. FCIM helps in license management, support and maintenance tracking.

Evidance Management

4N6 supports different document formats which includes Media files and tool specific output formats. 4N6 document and file management engine can process and store large data files which can support Terabytes.